About: Justin

Head Coach at ArmyWOD.

LeaderPoints: 70

Workout Log


Logged on: 25 May 2020

100 KB Swings followed by 100 Scott’s Press. About 26 min. Had to lighten the load on the Scott’s Press after 30 reps.


Logged on: 25 May 2020

“Half Murph”, finished in a whopping 30 min. Still struggling with a hip injury.


Logged on: 22 May 2020

Did “Iron Guard” for a weekend bonus. Felt great!


Logged on: 21 May 2020

Completed two rounds of “Army Birthday”. Took my time. Felt good.


Logged on: 18 May 2020

Finished 20139 in just over 49 min. Much longer than I anticipated. I was think I would finish in about 30 min. given the number of burpees I’ve been doing lately. I was still feeling weak with my push-ups, mostly in the shoulder, so that made this workout a real challenge.


Logged on: 16 May 2020

New PR with Amulet Shift. Finished the main in 14:56 +125 squats with remaining time! I was surprised because my push-ups felt weak.